I don’t know where to begin, but there will be the only shadow of me before this mystery of life ends. Even though I am trying to express myself throughout these words what I can do best but again, I might fail to define.

Well, I got nothing to prove.

I have a curiosity to touch the horizon but then sweet dream I am always craving for.

Water are pouring from the eyes but it’s to create the river and flow endlessly until it reaches its final destination.

Here, All are diving for pearls and those restless sailors are keep on sailing in the storms and thunders under the cloudy sky.
But all those are signs and a warm gesture for what is coming next.

You are saving me from the sorrow and pain. Maybe I should turn my heart open and out to you or maybe turn my eyes wide open now cause everything I feel returns to you ultimately.

It’s not my lonely story but all those who are me. Yah, it’s a story of London, It’s a story of me.


We all will vanish one day and before I die and graveyard becomes my own home, I want to live life running after these beautiful colors and fetching the butterfly.
But then I don’t know if I am following your lead although I smell sweet victory just being here with you.
In white fur of diamond or summer of love. You pour all the grief in tears wearing shade in all seasons.
But I can blossom for you in the winter as well and breeze the fragrance to get your attention.

But look, I am blushing to my faith and I don’t need my black shade to hide.
Prayers and beliefs are not for me cause I am the person who can walk in the path of the rainbow.
Not just that, I am dancing in the joy of dreams and surprises of moments also, for being alive.
I can hear a gentle music around by the voice of each. These rhythms of the crowd making my body move as if I am following beat to thrill my heart.

Look into this city, I don’t see twinkling stars anymore but still my veins are running like a pulsar star.

My dark voices can’t be heard in this violent ocean of crowd but I am climbing the ladder of human being step by step to reach the book of knowledge to understand the Life.

Therefore, Here I give you all my story but truth vanishes under the voices of words.
It’s not my lonely story but all those who are me. Yah it’s a story of London, It’s a story of me.

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