The Regata Storica is the most important boating festival in Venice, Italy. The festival is happening during the first Sunday of September every year. The first historical boat race was recorded in the mid 13th Century but this unique sport has been practiced in the Venetian Lagoon for thousands of years.

Regata Storica
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The Boat Festival is a race between two costumed gondoliers and their competitors. The race is between old fashioned boats like 16th-century style boats. In the boats, they carry the Doge, Doge’s wife, and all other highest ranking Venetian Officials up the Canal Grande in gondoliers’ period costume.

 Regata Storica
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The Venetian regatta has various races with different kind of boats like- Galleys, Peatoni, and Barges as well as lighter boats rowed by two or more oarsmen. Nowadays boat races are divided according to age and type of craft. But the most popular and exciting one is the ‘Gandolini regatta race’,  filled with loudly cheering local supporters where a series of small, sporting gondolas fly down the Canal Grande to the finishing line so called- ‘Machina of the Regata Storica’.  The spectacular floating stage is located in front of the Ca’ Foscari Palace.

Regata Storica
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The regatta pennants are the reward every Venetian rower’s dream of at the end of the race.  Red for the winner, White(Originally light blue) for the second, Green for third and Blue for fourth place(originally yellow).


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