A Trip to Bali – Indonesia
A Trip to Bali – Indonesia

After a unanimous plan to travel together with my girlfriends we chose Bali- Indonesia. It wasn’t my first choice but the flights are cheap from Australia and food and hotels too then why not. So we started planning 3 months before our trip.
Finally, 5 days in Bali was ready to go. we took the plane by Singapore transit and reached Bali around 8 pm.
A word of advice: once arrived at the airport, you better take a blue taxi to go to your hotel if you want to save your budget. We reached the hotel. We had local dinner nearby and off to bed.

Day 1

We hired a scooter from the hotel then off to ride (renting a bike is quite cheap there IDR 50000- 70000 for 24 hrs). Then we got ourselves sim cards and off to the road. We passed through Kuta street which was vibrant in all possible terms.

Uluwatu Temple was the first destination cause it was on the edge of the map. We saw a beautiful couple taking romantic photos nearby the cliff. Awww.

Our next destination, was the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), a cultural park. All of a sudden, our scooter completely stopped working. Fortunately, helpful staff at GWK helped us to start the bike. Once everything was fixed, the first thing we enjoyed was an ice cream made on a cold slab.
The GWK was an architectural beauty. The Indra log was amazing as well. It was a place for famous events such as music concerts and parties in Bali. You can spend the whole day over there watching various theater shows done for the visitors. We were able to witness a few of them: Vishnu dance, taaktaktaktak dance and beautiful music.

By the end of the day, we went to the beach called the Double Six beach (I wonder why). We grabbed the beer and enjoyed the view. Technically not, it was already dark. The music was good and the atmosphere was chilled.


Day 2

Off to Ubud, the monkey forest. We encountered the notorious and mischievous monkeys.
Warning: Beware of the monkeys they will snatch everything possible. But locals are there to save you if monkeys attack.

Rule 1: Do not try to be friendly with them.

Rule 2: Don’t look at them in the eye (guides said it means ‘war’ if you stare at them).
We then headed to the famous Tergalalang rice fields. The view was amazing even though it was a bit crowded.

You don’t need to buy any ticket to visit but kids were trying to sell souvenirs. So that local people could collect the money back later.

I recommend visiting this area. Enjoy the view with coconut water. On the way to Tegenungan waterfalls, we stopped by the Luwak coffee farm to taste a local famous coffee which is literally made from the excrements of an animal named Plam Civet (Luwak). The coffee was great and, bonus, we were given around 12 kinds of tea for tasting, which was amazing.


Now that we were close to the waterfalls. I bought myself a Lungi for IDR 100,000, as I didn’t have any spare clothes to use after I would have jumped in the water. To enter on the site, you need to buy a ticket. There were a lot of people.

I need to point out that this is the part where I escaped death, thanks to lifeguards. There are unusual timings in life when you wanna be a rebel but their devil is waiting for you in the end. I went in the water to take a photo but I also wanted it to be one of those ‘lifetime moments’ and swim in the waterfall. So, as you can guess the whirlpool pulled me. My friend was taking a video thinking I was swimming like a pro but I was definitely not. Lifeguards on standby saved me with a rubber tube. I lost my words and sense for some time but I must say it was one of the Lifetime Moment for me. Sad thing, my photo didn’t come out well… Anyway, be vigilant. There are signs indicating dangerous areas. Well, this was the great story of the day. Now my friends tease me by saying- Dive means Death.

Day 3

The weather was gloomy when we started to head out. We went to Tanah Lot temple, a temple on the sea. That place was amazing and I wonder how it would look like during sunset (the place is popular for that).

While visiting the temple, there is some kind of holes with snakes inside. These snakes are considered to be Gods related or Gods themselves. One thing I am the most afraid of are snakes, so I took the blessing from the priest there and rushed back.
As per my friend’s request, we then headed to the Blue Lagoon which is supposed to be the best beach in Bali for snorkeling. But damn, it was raining so much. It was not beach day but the bitch day. It never stopped. We stopped by several stops to escape the rain but rain was all over us. Weather forecast for the upcoming days seemed quite bad so we rented a van and driver for the following day.

Day 4

We first went to view Mt. Kintamani Volcano which took us more than 2 hours to reach that viewpoint. Then, we went to Pura Besakih temple which is known to be the biggest Hindu temple in Bali. It was the festival season so it was crowded with devotees and tourists. The place was mesmerizing.

Day 5

Coming to the end of our tour. Last day for us in Bali. We wanted to see as much as we could but we were able to manage few of them. Like- Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, The famous Pancasari door, Gitgit waterfall, Tirta Ganga and Kubu beach for lunch and to chill in the swimming pool. This is also a great place for those who want to learn diving.

After that, as for the finishing touch, we went to Candi Dasa beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset. As much as we wanted to stay there forever in holidays. It was time for us to go back in Australia.

Indonesia is a place to build memories.

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