Nepal is a tremendously rich country regarding Cultures and Festivals. There are more than 125 ethnic groups in Nepal. They celebrate various festivals. Each community has their own set of beliefs and their own cultural and traditional festivals to celebrate. No wonder why Nepal is called the land of festivals. Every day is a day of celebration for one or the other community. The best part of this is that the country gives public holidays for most of its major festivals and events.

It may not be possible to include all the festivals celebrated by all the communities on this website but we will do our best efforts to bring you the most prominent and widely known festivals of Nepal.

Today we will showcase one of the oldest festivals of the Newar Community in the capital called ‘Trishul Jatra’. ‘Trishul’ or Trident is known as a weapon of God Shiva and ‘Jatra’ refers to a periodical festival in honor of an idol. In another word, we can call it the Trident Festival.

Trident Festival is one of the oldest festivals. It is celebrated every year. Some say this tradition is running for thousands of years. In this festival, the chariot is touring around the ancient city of Kathmandu near Pashupatinath Temple with children carried between the spikes of tridents. Locals bring children from three different places that are Jayabageshowri, Bhuwaneshwor, and Bathsaleshwori to Pashupati Aryaghat. Pashupati Aryaghat is commonly known as a cremation place for Hindu people.

It is a bit scary to see children are toured around on spikes of Trident as if their body is pierced by Trident. It is believed that, in ancient time, demon used to trouble the local’s, children. In return, community pierced the demon’s children and toured around the town on the spike of Trident. So that demons would be threatened and would not trouble the local’s children. Therefore this festival takes place in order to keep on scaring demons. During the festival, locals scold and use offensive words towards demons. Hindu Devotees believe that their children will be blessed with good health after attending to the ritual of Tridents Festival.

Pride of one’s own culture and respect for the others. This is why these numerous cultures and festivals are harmoniously coexisting in Nepal.


Edited by Jeevan Thapa

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